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About the Marine Forces:

Whether you are a military member, veteran, or have a loved one serving, the US Military is a big part of many lives throughout the world. One military program very near and dear to our hearts is the Marine Corps Reserve. The mission of the Marine Forces or Corps Reserve is to reinforce and replenish active-duty Marine forces during the war and in cases of national emergencies. They also serve to provide additional personnel relief to the Marine Corps during peacetime. Of the over 589,000 men who served in the Marines during World War II, almost 70% were reservists, which accounts for a very large number of the total population. The famous “Toys for Tots” was created initially by reservist Maj. William Hendricks in 1947, which then later transformed into a nationwide Marine Corps Reserve public affairs project. Year after year this campaign has helped add some positivity to the world. Our very own George Freelove has served in the Marines from 1965-1971. He spent three years as an active member and three years as a reserve. George was stationed at Camp Lejune and Vietnam. 


After his time in the military, he went to SUNY State University of New York. Once he received his degree in Political Science, he went on to be a salesperson and eventually found himself working as a sales manager for a local home builder in Orlando. In 1989, he began his own homebuilder company and became division president for local and national homebuilders. He then joined Keller Williams in 2009 and became an expert in Central Florida real estate. During this time, he noticed just how special Florida is for Military Veterans. In fact, Florida has earned a reputation of being the most veteran-friendly state in the nation and is within the top 5 best U.S. cities for veterans. In Orlando, we offer an extraordinary community of veterans, abundant educational opportunities, a strong economy with many job opportunities, a wide range of employers who appreciate and hire veterans, extraordinary support for entrepreneurship, and a warm, beautiful climate! There are currently over 1.5 million veterans living in Florida and that number is expected to grow astronomically within the next few years. If you are planning on moving to the sunshine state or would like more information about what Florida has to offer, contact George, your veteran home buying expert!