Nikkia Dollar

George is one of the most genuine people I have ever met! You are in good hands with the LORE Team!

— Nikkia Dollar

Carmen Guerra

We just sold our home in 17 days and had the pleasure to work with George Freelove for the second time. He made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be. George really listened, cares passionately about his job and his calming manner worked wonders for us. I highly recommend.

— Carmen Guerra

Jeff Schaap

We had a great experience working with George. He was kind, patient and took time to explain each step of the process. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home!

— Jeff Schaap

Dave Lawson

"Very professional, excellent service found us the perfect house. Would highly recommend to anyone buying or selling a home."

— Dave Lawson

Jennifer Hirsch

"George and I worked together for Fuller Homes based out of New Mexico. George was the President of the Houston Division for Fuller Homes and I was his personal assistant during that time. George was very well respected by all of the company employees and everyone was very disappointed when Fuller scaled back. George did everything to start the Houston Division of Fuller Homes, everything from order office supplies to walking and punching out houses till he hired myself and several others."

— Jennifer Hirsch

Roger Fiehn

"George is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the housing industry. He has assisted many companies create highly effective marketing plans while keeping costs under control. For additional information regarding the projects I have worked with George on please contact me at 281.481.0831 x 1 or roger@ rfiehn.com or website www.rfiehn.com.”

— Roger Fiehn

Adrian Guzman

"George is a very professional and knowledgeable person. Hard worker, perseverant and with a very high level of integrity. I am pleased to write on his behalf.”

— Adrian Guzman

Meg Meyer

"I've known George for almost 25 years, since I joined the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) staff. Early in my career at NAHB, George was the Chairman of the National Sales & Marketing Council, the department in which I worked at the time. He was an excellent and thoughtful leader. Over the years, George has been a go-to person for me professionally - I've always been able to count on him - and we've become friends as well. I would not hesitate to hire him, if the need occurred."

— Meg Meyer

Ted Bolstad

"George is diligent and observant. I could count on George to help with details and communicate well. I appreciated his input into our operation. He was very dedicated to the success of the project."

— Ted Bolstad

Jeremy Driskell

"George is extremely responsible and follows up on all projects. He has great direction and vision, all while expressing concern and compassion for others."

— Jeremy Driskell

Leon Wetherington

"George is a detail oriented and well organized manager. He also understands how to motivate and direct people. George is honest and hard working. If I were in the business again, I would hire him immediately.”

— Leon Wetherington

Pal Turner

“George has a good deal of experience in real estate. George is one of the hardest working, most highly principled individuals I have met here in SW Florida, and I am confident that you will find him to be helpful and reliable.”

— Pal Turner

Leorance & Isabell

"George has been outstanding and understanding through the process of building our new home. He is answering our entire line of questions and he continues to be there for us when we need him the most. We really appreciated his “no respect of person – meaning he treats everyone the same” personality. His kind character fits his line of business, which is why the building of our home is going smoothly. Thank you George for all you have done and is still doing."

— Leorance & Isabell

Alan Lusk

"I've known George for many years. I have found him to be a tireless worker and very knowledgeable regarding the real estate and housing markets. I wish he was back in Houston, but our loss is your gain. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend George to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

— Alan Lusk

Julie Heckman-Wood

"I had an instant friend when I had the pleasure of meeting George Freelove. Fate had us meet at a farmers market was George was assisting his son to promote his business. He was a breath of fresh air in a very difficult time of my life. George gave me his business card on a Sunday and I called him to list my home on Monday because I knew from our chance meeting that he was a good person. In a very professional and timely manner, George prepared the necessary documents, had me sign, and placed a for sale sign in my yard. I had to leave Florida immediately for personal reasons and George checked on my home while I was away, arranged and had repairs done, he helped get the pool repaired, and skimmed leaves out of it. I was 500 miles away! I never had to return to Florida because George took care of everything for me and was able to send me electronic documents. I do not have enough kind words for GeorgeFreelove. He was not just a realtor but a considerate and understanding person. People like Georgearerare and I encourage anyone thinking of buying or selling a home to speak with George. I know you will be impressed."

— Julie Heckman-Wood

Karin Berggren

"This purpose of this letter is to provide a recommendation for George Freelove and the Freelove team working for Keller-Williams. We sold our house at 5244 Watervista Dr. in Orlando with the excellent assistance of the Freelove team. They showed resourcefulness working through the title issues on our end and the mortgage problems on the buyer’s end. I don’t think we would have been able to close the deal without the dedication of this team. I feel comfortable recommending the services of the Freelove real estate team."

— Karin Berggren