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When you are searching for one of the nicest areas to live within the state of Florida, you may want to consider looking at homes for sale 32792 zip code area of Central Florida, which is Winter Park. Located just outside the city limits of Orlando, Winter Park offers the proximity of all of the excitement and amenities that the city can offer, but also allows for a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle that you may be interested in when you are considering your family and your children. Keller Williams Realty has been proudly and happily serving Winter Park and its surrounding communities with the resources and professional knowledge that we maintain to assist you in finding your new home.

Benefits of Residing in Winter Park

Keller Williams Realty has several unique listings of homes for sale 32792 zip code area for you to be able to find the perfect home at the perfect price in the Winter Park area of Central Florida. The economy is quite strong through this area, where the unemployment rate is well below the national average, coming in at 4.40 percent. There has been a recent expansion of job growth within the area, offering several types of occupations that are seeking new employees. Winter Park has an approximate population of 52,000, which has increased over the last 17 years by about 12 percent, allowing for the growth and economical stimulation that is beneficial to the cost of living in this area. The average commute time to and from work is 28 minutes, and this area of the state has some of the finest means of public transportation.

Winter Park’s average cost of a home is approximately $194,000, which is quite affordable for virtually any budget. There are several good schools throughout this area, ranging from elementary schools, through high school. There are also several community colleges and Universities that offer some of the finest degrees and certifications for all types of classes and courses. Central Florida is also home to several swimming and fishing springs located throughout its many parks. The waters stay at a constant temperature of 72 degrees throughout the entire year, allowing the manatees to bask in the warm waters through the winter months. There is also the opportunity to experience deep sea fishing on the Atlantic Ocean, and even some good Bass fishing within the lakes and rivers of the area.

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