Welcome to my series on purchasing a home and using your VA Benefits.  I am George Freelove a Marine Veterans and real estate professional / consultant.  I have over 40 years of experience in the home building, mortgage and real estate world.  Purchasing a home is a very important decision and a big undertaking in any one’s life.  Most people only choose to purchase a few homes over their life time.  My goal is to make sure that you are well equipped and armed with up to date information for your big decision.  Over the next few weeks we will discuss buying a home using your VA Benefits.  The nitty gritty of the process, where to start, how to get a VA Loan finding the right mortgage lender, finding the right Realtor, finding the right home, what costs to expect, how does the process work, what can I expect from my Realtor, my Lender and the Seller.  So let’s take this journey together!   or email me @